What is Museum Quality Glass?


museum quality glassIf you have ever gone into a framing shop, or art supply store you will know how many options there are for framing a poster. There are many options like matting, double matting, wood frames or metal frames, and of course several choices for glass to cover your print.

When evaluating different types of framing glass or covers you have a few choices:

  1. Plexiglass
  2. Glass
  3. UV Protected Glass
  4. Anti-Glare Glass
  5. UV Glass and Anti-Glare Glass
  6. Museum Quality Glass

I am sure there are other variations that I missed, but those are the most popular options that I have seen when pricing out framing jobs for my personal collections.

Is museum glass worth it?

There is no debating whether or not if museum quality glass improves the overall look and feel of your frame job, but the question remains, is it worth it? The first question I always ask when someone asks me this question is, what is the value of your print? Does it have a value, is it priceless, or is it a $20 poster that you can pick up on allposters.com?

There are lots of places that will pitch archival quality materials and muesum quality glass, but it really comes down to what the print is worth. If it is an easy to come by print there is no reason to splurge for the museum quality glass.

Another note, make sure that the rep that is helping you with your selection knows the difference between the types of glass. In some occassions I have seen some reps try to pawn off UV glass as museum quality. I don’t think they necessarily did this on purpose, but they may not have know what the difference was between UV glass and Museum glass.

How much is museum quality glass?

I’ve seen several prices around town in New York City. One of the highest prices that I have ever been quoted was $25 per square foot. When you are framing a 18″ x 24″ frame the costs can easily add up. ┬áIf the print is worth it and you want it to look its best on display and shield your print from UV damage, and other external variables, museum quality glass is for you. If you are looking to frame a cheap Michael Jordan poster look for a cheap frame in your local arts and craft store.

One comment

  1. frank says:

    If it’s special enough to hang, it is worth the price..unless…it’s really big. When you get into the size of 18×24 and over the glass can get pricey. If you have a piece you want to show off to any guest and need to make sure you don’t have to worry about the lighting and reflections and clarity, you have to have museum quality glass. I don’t know what states have hobby lobby stores. Those who do offer a 40% off any regular priced item EVERY DAY. They try and get tricky because almost everything is already discounted. That is when you play the 40% off on your glass. It will NEVER be on sale. So, if you have a Hobby Lobby take advantage of this deal. It saves me hundreds if not thousands a year framing artwork.

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